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20 years ago, we were known as the $15 vet. And with inflation, and raising costs, we still haven't strayed much from there. Many of our services are still available for just $15 each. 

We like to keep it simple.


Many vaccines and in-house tests are $15.00 EACH.


Deworming RANGES between $10.00 – $25.00


If medications are prescribed to go home, there is a $2.50 pharmacy charge.


We follow the AAHA guidelines which now recommends vaccinating your pet every three years, if necessary. We carry a full range of all the necessary vaccinations to keep your pets protected and healthy. We prefer to use a recommended 1 year rabies vaccination.



Your pet gets an exam every time you visit with the doctor. Temperature is taken, and as the doctors is talking, and stroking your pet, he is in actuality feeling for signs that all is OK.

When you make an appointment because your pet is sick or not acting normal, then the doctor will examine in depth, asking questions relative to your concerns. Sometimes the answer and the solution is relatively simple and can be provided immediately. 



In other cases, tests and blood work needs to be run to get a clearer picture, enabling us to provide the right solution. We have in-house chemistry and blood analyzing equipment and can give you results in about 25 minutes. See price list here ** In other instances we have to send to an outside laboratory for results. Prices for outside lab work varies considerably and will be discussed at the time of your visit, as many are subject to change by the laboratory. These results can be to hand in 24 hours, while other may take much longer.



State of the art digital x-ray equipment allows us to provide quality images. Cost of x-rays, 1 to 3 views taken at same time range in price from $65.00 for one to $135.00 for 2/3. Additional x-rays or views during or after treatment are charged at $60.00 (2-3 images)

We can also provide a copy of the images on disk for $15.00. These prices and services are for actual clients of Paws 2 Help. We offer the same service to rescue groups and others who need x-ray at an additional cost of $30.00.



  Has shown amazing results for arthritic dogs and cats, Also reduces scar tissue and relieves pain after surgery.  Treatments from $8.00. (available in West Palm Beach clinic only)


There are standards of care that our doctors and clinic need to offer to you. The doctors training and protocol is, that we start with the very best medical advice and treatments. However we understand that many times cost is a prevailing factor. Our mission is to help animals in need, and this is what we will do for you, you can choose the extent of the treatment that you can afford. Please let us know of any monetary limitations you may have. 



Paws 2 Help clinic performs elective surgeries such as low cost spay and neutering. In addition we also provide other surgeries, such as mass removals. Our pricing structure is based on covering our costs. There is no profit margin built in. An indication of charges can be judged as between 30% – 50% of a for profit clinic. This is not indicating that your regular clinic is overcharging for services, it is that as a non profit clinic we get some items & supplies donated, occasionally cash donations. Provided that we cover our daily costs making a profit is not our focus.




Preventive medications, such as, and especially heartworm preventive, is an essential ( need ) for your dog. Our prices can be even more cost saving than any online pharmacy. Discuss this with us during your visit.

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