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Eve Van Engel, Founder

Eve Van Engel, founder of Paws 2 Help and champion for so many animals, has passed away. 

Working 7 days a week, taking no salary, no vacations and living in a modest home... it was all for them. She was their rock. 

Eve’s life Mission was to work hard for the animals, and she fulfilled that mission, till the day she died. 

For just this one time, we want to show Eve our thanks, by ensuring that she has a proper, goodbye, with a celebration of her life, and all she stood for...

Eve is survived by son, Lee Van Engel, his wife Vicky and their 4  children, of Oxford, United Kingdom, as well as her husband, Lloyd, longtime loving friend and business partner Sigrid Kumpe, and Rosie Posie, her longtime four legged "partner in crime". 

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