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Clinic Appointments

CLINIC appointments ONLY...

To make an appointment for exams, vaccinations etc., please click the on SCHEDULE button below. You may choose the date and time that is most convenient for you.

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General Health Clinics

Paws2Help knows that the key to keeping your pet healthy is prevention. Realizing this may be unaffordable for some at a traditional veterinary clinic, we make animal wellness possible.

We offer Ear, Eye, Skin and Health Evaluations. General Clinic hours are Wednesday through Sunday every afternoon. We have three full time Veterinarions and a part time doctor in every day to assist you and your loved one.    Surgeries are scheduled by appointment.

Service Fees paid, help to cover the cost of licensed Veterinarians, medications, vaccinations, our overhead expense, insurance and medical supplies.

We accept Cash and Credit Cards ONLY (Checks are not accepted). Whether your pet is large or small, cat or dog, ALL Clinic prices are the same.

Services for $15.00

  • Office Exam / Evaluations (may include Ear Flush or Skin Scrape)
  • Three-year Rabies Shot; valid in Palm Beach County 
  • Tapeworm Treatment
  • Tests; Felv / AIDS / Heartworms
  • Re-exam for follow-up Treatment(s)
  • Microchip

Services for $7.50 
  • Deworming; Round / Hook / Whip
  • Drawing Blood 
Services for $5
  • Biohazard Disposal / Paperwork
No Restrictions - On income or residence.


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