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Paws2Help, Inc. is a small, privately-run Animal Services Charity


Paws2Help has been serving WPB for over 15 years, as an affordable veterinary clinic.   Many moves over the years, (through no fault of our own) but now we have finally found a ‘home’.
Main EntranceHome is a 12.500 sq feet warehouse type of building that we moved into in January 2010.

Our initial plans were to move into bay 3 for a short period of time as we fundraised to build a state of the art clinic in bay 1 & 2.

The process with alterations, permits and inspections took a full 6 months, to just open bay 3.

Finally we opened in June of 2011; we hauled our trailers into bay 3 and opened our doors.

With clinic open from a previous 22/25 hours e week in a mobile capacity, now we were open 5 full days up to 60 hours, the procedures that we had followed for all the previous years just did not work., add to this the spurt in volume of clients which we had to adjust to, and there was just no time to spend fundraising and drawing up plans for the clinic to be built in bay 1 & 2.

We computerized our paper work and streamlined our work processes.   Our growth pattern was exceeding our expectations, we added additional veterinarians, and trained staff. We had entered into a lease purchase agreement with the building owners, and should have closed on the building Dec. 2010.  This has not yet happened as we have not been able to raise the substantial down payment. As soon as we do, our monthly rent will reduce; we will be building collateral and securing our long term future.

Our premises are not state of the art, pristine shiny new, but they are functional, well equipped, and cater to a large volume of clients each day.

We feel that this location is working almost to capacity serving many needy pets and so it is time, by demand, to open another branch office.    Our first choice for a second office was to be in the South, but we just could not find a location that would work for us, (allowed by property owners, ordinances, and with enough parking spots.   Our intention after the opening of a South office was to open in the North county.   Our first branch office will soon be open in Seagrape Plaza, Indian Town Road, Jupiter.  Look out for the opening date!

2061 Indian Road •  West Palm Beach, Fl 33409  •  (561) 712-1911 •  clinic [ at ]